Possibilities with Steel

Structure Building Systems

We simplified the building process by developing systematic modular layouts for each space of any building project. This significantly helps any layperson to understand an unfamiliar building, or system.

We endeavor to be a corporation that helps Sri Lanka transform into a Developed Nation. Our goals are to grow together with Sri Lanka, educate and be educated by Sri Lanka, and lastly Prosper together with (and not exploit) Sri Lanka.

The company shall identify potential growth areas in the country and help it to promote these areas, by bringing in International Expertise, Management, and Funding to quickly bring these areas up to speed with International markets. In promoting these areas, our company shall actively source for potential takeover candidates to be injected into our listed companies; help them grow with injections of international Expertise and Funds.

Mix Development ( future Projects)


40 years ago, Colombo was the blueprint for a developing Singapore, in terms of being a clean and green community. Singapore is today ranked the Greenest City on Earth by CNN and the Best Place for Asians to Live in for the 12th consecutive year by ECA. Today we aim to build housing communities in Sri Lanka, which shall win International Prizes for being Green and Sustainable. We will raise the overall standing of Sri Lanka in the international community as a community that places sustainability high on its agenda. This would leapfrog plans of just being able to house everyone including the poor in Concrete Forests; this would provide Sustainable Green Housing for everyone in Sri Lanka, including the poor, well into the future, and again be an green shining example for other developing countries.

National Research university town with a large campus population, and the NRU would also need a large support population to provide it with all kinds of support requirements. We have therefore decided that the NRU would be built along the lines of a University Town. The NRU must be housed in a resort location not more than 90 minutes from downtown Colombo. It must have a beach of its own, able to be subdivided into four beaches. It must have rolling hills, streams, and natural forests to enhance its resort-like atmosphere. It is our aim at NRU to create the most enticing campus grounds within a resort and to attract the best Brains in the World to call Sri Lanka home.

At the same time, the NRU must also have enough land in reserve for farming and animal husbandry for its Agriculture and Genetics Faculties. It shall also contain a small airport for its aeronautical faculty. Buildings shall include the following: Campus buildings such as Lecture Halls, Libraries, Offices, Canteens, etc. It shall also contain off-campus buildings such as Luxury Private Estates at 2,000m2 each, Private Estates at 1,000m2 each, Luxury Condominiums at 300m2 each, Condominiums at 200 m2 each, Shops, Hotels, Film Studios, Barracks, Factories and Warehouses, Childcare Centres, Cinemas, etc. Additional Facilities include Four Private Beaches,

Parks, Private Marina, Plant and Flower Nurseries, Ocean Research Laboratory, etc. Note that our campus does not contain hostels or staff housing, instead we have condominiums and luxury dwellings; our aim is to create homes for students and staff members so that everyone in their family would move into NRU Town and create a real home can treasure.

The university shall be a town of its own where it shall have a campus, and a town built around it for support. It is estimated that a university town can have a support population of up to 50% of the campus population. That is, if a university has 8,000 students and staff, it would need a support town population of 4,000 persons. Initial Phases would see the university start off with perhaps 1,000 students, and increase over time.

The NRU shall be a MODEL DISTRICT of Sri Lanka; a National Showcase for Foreign Visitors to say that “Sri Lanka can do it and has done it!”

International Open University

The International Open University shall invite local and foreign education providers, as well as testing and certification bodies to set up colleges under the International Open University umbrella. Mini Campuses for IOU shall be set up all over the country,

firstly to promote higher education in all parts of the country and secondly to help encourage investment & growth in these regions. Campuses may be in the form of full-fledged campuses with hostels and sports facilities or simply lecture halls with a library and canteen, all housed within a building. Foreign and Local Education Providers shall contribute their syllabi and teaches, and the IOU shall Manage and Certify these courses, and thereafter conduct Examinations and Award deserving Candidates with diplomas and or degrees. The IOU shall also seek partnerships with Foreign Certification Bodies to award our candidates with foreign certificates, diplomas, and degrees. The IOU shall also award diplomas to candidates based on baskets of Work Skills Certificates already earned from other approved national education providers. In other words, candidates with sufficient existing certificates may get relevant diplomas when IOU certifies all their existing certificates. This would help recognize existing achievements and take skilled workers to the next level of their careers.

Medical Retreat Community (Town)

The Medical Retreat Community shall house all things medical here in Sri Lanka. Anyone with any kind of illness can come here to either seek treatment or simply just to recover or even to relax one’s mind and soul. In this community town, one shall find Hospitals, Specialists’ Clinics, Convalescent Wards, Mental Health & Institutions, Geriatric Care & Old Folks Homes, Sports Injury Clinics, Wellness Spa Retreats, Traditional Chinese and Ceylonese Medical Treatment Clinics and Spas, etc. In addition it shall also contain Training Centres for each of the Specialized Care spelled out above, e.g. it shall General Nurses Training, Geriatric Nurses Training, Mental Health Care Nurses Training, Physiotherapists Training, Traditional Medicine Therapists Training, etc.

In order to house Wellness Spa Retreats, our Medical Retreat Town must be situated in a Resort area, preferably by the Ocean with spectacular views. It should contain some form of natural surroundings so as to make exercise walks picturesque, invigorated with fresh air, and enjoyable. In fact, it must so beautiful it can attract foreigners to live some months of the year here as a retirement home. Our idea of retirement & recovery is not to be crammed up like most hospitals and homes; our town must have wide open spaces, homes must be spacious and surroundings must be beautifully sculptured and landscaped to give it a garden-like atmosphere in every corner. The Medical Retreat Community Town shall include the following amenities and segments:


Luxury Community Homes, Luxury Condominium Hospitals Wards, Luxury Spa Retreats, Sports Centres, Activities Centres, Marina, Airport, Training Ground for Nurses, Training Ground for Doctors, Doctors and Management Private Estates, Staff and Student Condos, Nurseries for Patients , Business Support Centre.